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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Feminisms in the Mediterranean

With Glenda Sluga, Stefania Bernini and Lucia Sorbera


Feminisms in the Mediterranean

Genesis is the Journal of The Italian Society of Women Historians, it was founded in 2002 and is currently directed by Prof. Giulia Calvi. This issue, edited by Leila el-Houssi and Lucia Sorbera, focuses on Feminisms in the Mediterranean and, through its collection of five essays and three interviews, it takes the reader into a journey “From the Gulf to the Ocean”, analysing the history of the feminist movements in Iraq (Zahra Ali), Turkey (Lea Nocera), Egypt (Lucia Sorbera), Tunisia (Leila El Houssi), Morocco (Sara Borrillo), and the transnational space of Islamic feminism (Renata Pepicelli). Femminismi nel Mediterraneo/Feminisms in the Mediterranean is therefore a contribution both to the historical discussion on global feminism, and to the political history of the Mediterranean Region. The turning points in the history of the countries under discussion, from the decolonization process, to the 1967 war, to the 2011 uprisings, are analysed through historical lenses, shedding light on continuities and changes, at once illuminating the complex dialectic between universalism and cultural specificities in feminist discourses.


Glenda Sluga, professor of international history at the University of Sydney, will discuss the themes of the volume with Stefania Bernini (University of New South Wales and editorial board of Genesis) and Lucia Sorbera (University of Sydney).


The presentation will be in English.


Limited seats. Booking essential.


RSVP: or 02 9271 1780.



Date: Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Opening hours: At 6.00 pm

Location: Italian Cultural Institute

organised by: Italian Cultural Institute

in collaboration with: University of Sydney


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